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Six Reasons – 6 Ways to build your e-mail lists

6 ways to build your e-mail lists

It goes without saying, and I’m sure most of you are probably aware that data collection for your business has become a rather tricky process over the last couple of years since the introduction of GDPR back in 2018. Though it was put in place to protect the pricy rights of all of us, it also left many professional and small business owners confused and having to develop new methods to entice people & want to give away their personal information.
Here are 6 ways to collect e-mail addresses so you can build contact lists:

1) Make Sure there is something in it for them

Can you recall the last e-mail you immediately opened and then deleted or deleted as soon as you read the subject line?… I’m guessing you can’t. See, like you or I, your potential client won’t open an e-mail that doesn’t benefit them or their business in some form, so why act any different when asking them for their contact information. By offering them something of value in return, whether that be a discount code, early access to a new product or a chance to win a prize, the potential to them signing up greatly inferences.

2) Ask for it.

We all like to think that the signup boxes on our websites and social media are sufficient in collecting all our data for us; however, there is one other useful tool that can collect client data just as easily… You guessed it… Yourself. See for all the great web tools out there; they lack one thing that only you can give: human interaction. See, for all the automation processes that we have in place, there will be a point where you and the client will cross paths. Whether digitally or face-to-face, it won’t hurt to take the time and simply talk to them.

3) Use pop-ups to promote special offers.

We all love a great discount, right? Well, so does everyone else, and studies show that one of the most vital resources out there for collecting data are in the form of lightbox pop-ups, predominately those which offer discounts. Offering them to save some money in exchange for signing up will greatly increase the amount of information you will receive.

4) Create a sense of urgency.

Online deals are an excellent method for collecting potential client data using phrases such as Limited time, limited slots or by adding countdown timers will reel in on impulse buyers.
Try this free countdown timer from MailTimers:

5) Offer free tutorial videos.

They say a little effort goes a long way, and nothing can be truer when it’s applied to business. Depending on what services you’re offering, video tutorials with tips and tricks related to your industry will go a long way in chances or potential sign-ups to your mailing lists.

6) Use Facebook Ads

Facebook ads, by far, is one of the most cost-effective and affordable methods to capture leads (name and e-mail) using direct targeting. With Facebook’s user base at an all-time high, now has never been a better time to get involved.