October 12, 2021 admin

Six Reasons – 6 Current Marketing Trends To Consider For Your Business

So the world is in the initial stages of recovery from the whirlwind that was the pandemic. Countries are slowly starting to open up, and business for most of us, tiny cracks of normality have begun to seep through.
Though it was a costly lesson, we also learned how to operate businesses in such challenging times, most notably eCommerce. See, the companies that depended on more traditional methods such as the hospitality industry or storefront sales were crippled all the while e-commerce sales went through the roof. Even during these desperate times, the conventional business had to adapt to prevent their livelihood from going under, notably my local pub, which became an online fast food establishment to get by through the pandemic.
The repeating reverberating message for business throughout the pandemic started to become apparent, adapt or fall. It’s these lessons that will aid your company in pushing forward to the next stage.
Here are 6 digital marketing trends to consider for your business:

1: Easy to Consume Content

Back in the lockdown of 2020, there was a considerable spike in the consumption of easy to consume content, notably podcasts.
A study in America found that 55% of people started to listen to podcasts, while newsletter mentions were up 14% during the lockdown.
Mainstream advertisers are investing more into podcasts, too, a hint as it were in their continued success.
This readily available content help brands connect more deeply with customers and provide a more intimate way to stay in touch.

2: Charity Projects

A good company, big or small, will understand where to fit into customers lives within their social media space & devise methods of fitting in the conversation.
It’s hard for customers to invest their time & money in companies that are seen as shady or unsincere. This is why there has been a huge spike in companies such as The Ocean Cleanup, which develops advanced cleaning autonomous robots that seemingly popped out of nowhere within the last decade. This also applies to more familiar brands such as Apple, who have continually made their mission to make their products as personal as possible and invest much time and effort in charity work.
This positive impact will only further your goals as a company as you will become more relatable within your customer’s eyes, give you more content for platforms and as a bonus, you will be doing your bit to make this world a better place. Who could say no to that?

3. Live-streaming & Visual Contact

Though the world has mostly opened up, the population and events are still in a state of alert because if there is a spike in Covid-19, the cards for returning into a lockdown state are still on the table. Nevertheless, companies must be prepared or at least offer other methods of communication towards their customers, preferably a visual one.
Live viewing on Facebook (META) spiked by 50% during the lockdown periods, whilst Instagram spiked at 70%. The use of TikTok shot up during this period, and this trajectory is likely to continue in the coming years.

4. User Generated Content

A customers experience with a company has never been more critical.
Trust is an integral part between a company and the consumer, and they crave enjoyable experiences. This is why whenever we are browsing the likes of Amazon, our purchase will be heavily dependent on the reviews that the product holds.
User-generated content is so crucial as it:
– Builds strength towards the brand and products.
– Relatable and up-lifting.
– Gives a common ground for a company to meet their customers.
– Help brands generate more content.
More importantly, UGC is an effective method to forge relationships with their clients within a public space, thus providing a bubble of transparency and proof of trust.

5. Eco Sustainability

A whopping 81% of consumers strongly feel that companies should help improve the environment.
Though not every company can quickly go carbon neutral at the click of a finger, having a plan to make small incremental changes will go a long way to show your dedication to a greener planet. As technology improves, there will be easier ways to adapt your business model and implement these changes as time progresses.

6. Voice & Visual Search

There has been an uptake in consumers searching via voice-activated assistants such as Siri & Amazon Alexa. This is probably because the technology has become readily available at affordable prices, with one in four homes owning an intelligent speaker.

Voice-activated devices, however, are not the only tools out there in the market. Products such as the Google Lens aids consumers to search for wherever they can see. This emphasises the need for businesses to incorporate image alt-text and sitemap for images and, over the next year, become increasingly important within SEO.