November 6, 2021 admin

Six Reasons Why You Need To Modernise Your Marketing

Routine is an excellent virtue to have and gives us a sense of stabilisation or order through the maelstrom that is our working lives.  Though this virtue will serve us well for the best part, like most things, there is often another side to this coin that can prevent us from excelling to our full potential or, in this case, open our businesses to new and exciting audiences. See, the world marketing isn’t a static entity and has more in common with a living organism than a set of tools used to maintain a constant spotlight on our products or services. It constantly feeds, has moods and evolves at a rate that takes most of us within this industry by surprise with what seems to be a new social media network, app, trend or cause popping up every other day. See, although this can seem quite daunting at first glance, you have to remember it’s nothing more than a product of our own technological and sociological development. In this case, what was will not always be.
With this in mind, it’s important to remember not to get stuck into a routine of using the same marketing methods that you’re accustomed to. After all, today’s TikTok can quickly become yesterdays MySpace.
Here are six methods to keep your marketing plan up to date:

1) Keep up with growing trends within your industry:

As mentioned, the marketing world is an ever-evolving industry, and in turn, we too must evolve our marketing practices to stay ahead of the curve. This can be accomplished by searching specific keywords related to your industry on social media platforms such as Twitter to monitor what is happening around you. This can also be followed up by monitoring what your industry leaders are posting and following up with something similar to your own accounts.

2) Keep an eye on the latest platforms:

As technology evolves, so do the platforms that operate within them, providing new and exciting ways to connect us with one another.
Though all often adapt and adopt these features from one another in the long run, each has its own dedicated user base with loyalist users who swear by them, creating another avenue in which you can connect with potential clients for your business.

3) Why so serious?

Long gone are the days in which advertising acted as if the human race could not acquire a sense of humour, only publishing the bare minimum of the product or service and why you needed it. After all, we are all qwerty in our own respected way, we laugh, we cry sometimes we do both simultaneously, and modern advertising should reflect that.
A good and personal favourite was back in February 2018 when a logistics issue prevented the world-famous fried chicken restaurant chain from selling the one product it was known and named after. Now they could have blasted a string of constant updates and blame game tactics over their social media networks but instead purposely changed the letters in their logo from KFC to FCK, mimicking a rather rude word that we all know and love to give a lighthearted beat to their misfortunes.

4) Networking

Networking is an essential tool for anyone, both professional and small business owners alike, looking to improve their marketing potential. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “Two heads are better than one”, well this concept also applies for this scenario as not only will you gain a fresh perspective from another’s input but also give you new ideas for campaigns and help you tackle common troubleshooting problems that you might have experienced.

5) E-Mail Newsletters

Though most end up taking up permanent residence within the depths of our junk folders after unintentionally waving our freedoms at the checkout from our latest online purchase, these newsletters can be a helpful tool. See, plenty of companies out there specialise in identifying the latest trends emerging within the marketing ecosystem and frequently publish their findings, enabling you to make informed decisions and adapt your marking plan accordingly.

6) Keeping an eye on competitions

One of the easiest ways of seeing what marketing practices are being utilised within your industry is by keeping an intensive eye on your competitors. See, many of the most prominent players often invest heavily in their marketing strategies and the campaigns they send out to their clients, effectively doing the legwork.