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Six Budget Photography Lighting Kits For Your Business

Six Budget Photography lighting Kits For Your Business

Many people make the mistake of thinking that buying the best camera in the business will automatically make them the worlds most excellent photographer. At the very least, it will take amazing photos because of the logo featured on the camera body and the huge price tag… Right? I mean, I could hypothetically own Da Vinic’s paintbrushes; however, I highly doubt my oil-painted stickmen will be featured in the Tate Modern any time soon. Simply put, having a camera isn’t enough to take great photos for your business. Now I’m not attempting to dissuade you from applying in-house photography for your business. In fact, I actively encourage it. The purpose of this article is to provide you with the tools to undertake such a task inexpensively.

One of the most important skill to acquire is the ability to understand light control within your photos. The reason for this not only will it help you highlight the subject/item that you’re attempting to photograph but also bring a mood to a scene also. Though this may sound overly complicated, it’s relatively simple and can be best practised through trial and error. After all, most photographers rarely stick to textbook methods & devise a style that best suits them. To get you started, we will be looking at six budget continuous lighting kits which you can easily manipulate and move about the scene with ease.

  • ESDDI Softbox Photography Lighting Kit 20 x 28 inch with 800W and 5500K Soft Lights £74.99. Buy it here.
  • Andoer Studio Lighting Kit, 20 * 28in Softbox Photography Lighting Kit, E27 Socket 5500K £62.99. Buy it here.
  • Andoer Softbox Photography Lighting Kit 20″×28″/50x70cm 12 * 45W with 5500K Studio Lights £129.99. Buy it here. 
  • FOSITAN 2.8M x 3M/9.2ft x 9.8ft Photo Backdrop Stand kit Photography Softbox Lighting Kit Photo Lighting Studio kit Background Support System 800W 5500K Umbrella with 2M Stand for Photo Video Shooting £119.99. Buy it here.
  • FOSITAN 2500W Photography Lighting Kit 3X 20” x 28” Softbox Lighting Kit with 2M Light Stand, Boom Arm with Sandbag and 11pcs Bulbs, for Photo Studio Product,Portrait and Video Shoot Photography £119.99. Buy it here.
  • Photo Light Box, SAMTIAN 100x100x100CM Portable Shooting Light Tent Folding Studio Box Professional Table Top Photography Lighting Kit 4 Colors Backdrops LED Lights Adjustable Brightness 15000lm £119.99. Buy it here.