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Six Reasons Your Email Marketing Isn’t Delivering Results

Six Reasons Your Email Marketing Isn’t Delivering Results

Growing and nurturing your database is one the most important aspects of marketing. You may have a large database with quality data but your campaigns just aren’t performing as you’d hoped. We take a dive into the six reasons why your email campaign isn’t as successful as it could be.

  1. You need a punchier Subject Line

Think of a subject line as your headline, you want to pull people in to read more. If you have a dull subject line which brings no benefit the reader, they won’t open the email and therefore miss your message or products.

What makes a good subject line?

Subscribers will want to open your email if it benefits them in some way. For example, a ‘how to’ subject line has been proven to work as readers want to know the answer. Subscribers also tend to respond to email subject lines which have an element of time, e.g. limited time offer.

  1. Call-to-action isn’t clear

Great, your subscribers are opening your emails, but they aren’t clicking though to your landing page. There may be a couple of reasons for this. Is your call to action clear? Or is it buried deep down at the bottom of your email where readers may not even scroll to? Make sure your call to action is easy to spot and the obvious place for the reader to click.

  1. Your landing page doesn’t match your email

Your subscribers are clicking through from your email but leaving once they reach the landing page leaving you with a high bounce rate from your email campaign. This may be because your landing page is not what the subscriber expected. Does the landing page match the email? Does it have the information promised?

  1. Call to action isn’t compelling

If your call to action isn’t compelling for the reader, they probably won’t click on it. Always keep in mind what the reader wants or needs rather than what you need to achieve from this email.

  1. Sending too many emails

Email marketing is a crucial part of keeping in touch with your subscriber base but sending too many emails could be detrimental. Not only could this result in some of your subscribers unsubscribing from your database but sending a lot of emails in the year, none of which being opened could result in that email address being marked as undeliverable.

  1. Spam filters blocking your emails

A possible reason that your subscribers might not be opening or even seeing your emails is because they could be ending up in their spam/junk folder.

A way to avoid this is to ask your subscribers to add you to the email contacts or avoiding spammy words that are commonly used in actual spam emails. Examples of spammy wording include: ‘Urgent’, ‘Free’, ‘billions’ and many others.