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Six Tips To Win At SEO

Six Tips To Win At SEO

 If you have never had to consider Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) until now you have done very well, but times are changing and businesses are taking note of the way customers are finding and interacting with them online.

We have put together some easy SEO wins for get you started and help you see how SEO will benefit your business.

SEO Tip One

Free SEO Tools

Try a free online SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) reporting tool to help you reach your goals. Check our blog: Six Free SEO Tools

SEO Tip Two

Top Quality Content

It’s no secret that content is essential on your webpage, but your content needs to be the best it can be. Google and other search engines want to deliver answers to their users questions. Bear this in mind when writing about your topic. What is it that people want to know? What questions are they typing into their search engine? Once you know these answers you can tailor your content around answering these queries and getting your content in front of the reader.

Content comes in many forms, always ensure the content you have is easily digestible for the reader such as blog posts, videos and infographics.

SEO Tip Three

Meta Descriptions and Meta Tags

Both of these elements appear in the search engine results and can ultimately determine whether a user will click through to your webpage or simply scroll past.

A title tag is the clickable wording that appears at the top of your result. This contains roughly 60 characters and includes a brief description of what the page includes. It is important to keep this title short whilst including the relevant keywords.

The meta description is the couple of lines underneath the URL in the search engine results. Here you have a little more room to include more insight into what you are trying to get across to the reader with the room to add in more keywords.

SEO Tip Four


Backlinks are links from your website to other websites. Linking through to other relevant content tells search engines that you are a credible source and can help you rank higher in search engine results.

The quality of your backlinks is more important than quantity, aim to have a few quality backlinks from trustworthy websites rather than lots of links from not so well known websites.

SEO Tip Five

Website Speed

Having a fast website is important and you may have unnecessary elements causing your website to have a slow load time. As discussed in our previous blog, Six Free SEO tools, there are free online platforms, such as Moz and Pingdom, that can tell you your page load speed and also tell you the steps you need to make to improve this.

SEO Tip Six

Regularly Update Your Website

It is important to keep your content relevant by updating your website and adding new content. Websites with static content, that are rarely updated, tend to rank a lot lower than those which are regularly being updated and adding to.

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